Why I started Brand Class

Like many businesses, Brand Class was born out of necessity.

I studied Graphic Design at university and always found pleasure in Design and its cousins, Marketing, Art and Business. I left university with a desire to put my skills to work but quickly found that university hadn’t prepared me for the practicalities of working in the industry. I spent the next 8 years exposing myself to different disciplines such as branding, illustration and fashion, working with individuals and high-street names alike.

That’s when I decided to start putting together my own resources that I could look back on if I ever came across the same problem again. I also realised that if I needed straightforward information on branding and design for businesses, so would other creative students and small business owners.

These resources helped me and now I want to help you! Whether this is your first step into business or your fifth year, I am here to help your business look its best so that you can focus more of your time on your other strengths. You can opt to go through Brand Class’ free resources page or you can go forward with a Brand Class Package, whichever suits your needs best.

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