“That’s so on-brand.”

The term branding is much more widely used than in previous years.

Thanks to the explosion of social media based start-ups, you don’t have to go far before you hear, “That’s so on-brand for me”, (every teenager with an Instagram account, right?).

What is branding?

It’s a collection of elements that represent your business. It can be used to create a personality for your business and separate it from the competition. A large part of those elements are visual and that’s where Brand Class comes in.

I’m not a big business yet do I need branding?

Yes. No matter the size of your company right now, your branding represents your business before you even have a chance to get a word in.

Your brand gives an impression of who you are and what you do as a business. Make sure that it’s in line with what you need it to communicate and that it targets the audience you are trying to appeal to.

I already have a logo do I need more?

Yes! A logo is the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when you mention branding, for example, the Nike Swoosh, McDonald’s Golden Arches, Apple’s, erm, apple. However, there is so much more to these successful brands than a logo.

Does McDonald’s ever use the colour purple on their packaging? Nope! Does Apple use cartoons in their adverts? Never! Great branding is not accidental; it is well-considered and consistent.

The best brands use guidelines and rules that inform them on how a brand should look in every circumstance, no matter the format of the marketing material.

Don’t be caught off guard next time you need to knock up a leaflet for your business. Nail down your branding now and reap the benefits later.

If you don’t define your brand, your customer will. Make sure they have the right idea about you.

3 Benefits of great branding:-

1. Attract the right audience

A common misconception in business is that you need to attract a mass of traffic all the time. However, if you spend your time trying to please everybody, you might be throwing your marketing budget at people that won’t spend money on your products or services.

It’s much better to keep a focussed approach to your branding and pull in the right audience for your business. Do you want to attract students to your high-end furniture store? Probably not! So, let’s tailor your business to attract a customer with a budget that matches your company’s price point.

2. Remember me

There are many businesses out there so branding is the best way to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Great visual branding allows your audience to remember you and have faith in your business.

3. Going steady

Following on from being memorable, who doesn’t go back to brands they know time and time again?

We often bond emotionally with the brands that we like and trust them like someone we know; this is called customer loyalty and it pays off. We buy branded food and wear branded clothes. Do they use magic ingredients and materials? No, we have just come to like and trust them through familiarity.

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