Judge a book by its cover

Right or wrong, we all sometimes judge something by how it looks. The good news is that in business you can use this to your advantage to gain customers and increase sales. Treat your branding like the book cover to your product. You want to create interest, trust and ultimately convert relationships into sales.

What does branding do?

Branding is like storytelling. It’s giving a personality to a product or service in order to set it apart from the competition. Successful brands evoke associations and emotions to establish long-standing relationships with their customers.

Create a customer

No, this doesn’t mean you need to draw a stickman and a bag of cartoon money (unless you want to)! This means identifying the profile of your dream customer. It is a surprisingly easy step that many startup businesses fail to take. You might know yourself and your business well but have you considered exactly who you are trying to appeal to? Ask yourself, what is your dream customer’s gender, age, occupation and hobbies? Getting to know your ideal customer is a great way to give your brand direction.

Create personality

Now that you have thought about your customer, consider who you are to them. Are you their funny best friend or are you a trusted professional? Often referred to as tone, or tone of voice, this is the visual and written language you use to represent your brand at all times. An advert for a luxury chocolate brand aimed at women in their 40s might offer a more humorous best friend approach and be aired on tv between soaps, but an advert for a luxury car appealing to business professionals in their 50s will use very different words and imagery.

Establish relationships

Human nature is to stick with what you know, so use your branding to make the first move in speaking to your customer and you could potentially end up with a customer for life, or in industry terms, create brand loyalty.

Stick around

At a time where everything is branded, it can be hard to make a splash as a new brand on the scene. One of the ways that you can establish yourself as a brand is to make sure you’re visible in a variety of places. Whether it’s setting up a social media campaign or getting featured in articles, make sure your products are consistently branded so that the next time a customer needs to buy, your brand feels familiar enough for them to trust and try if they haven’t already.

What have you tried to build a loyal customer base?