The branding process begins long before creating a logo because it’s not just about colour palettes and fonts. The design direction is developed as soon as a business starts interacting with its customers. The way they communicate and the products or services they offer all contribute towards the direction.

I couldn’t have been more excited to design branding for Debra Heal Photography and Retouching as I’ve known Debra for many years. I challenged myself to ensure Debra’s brand truly represented who she is but, also, to be unique and stand out from other photographers offering similar services.


Debra was looking for a fresh, new look for her photography and retouching business. She asked for a visual identity that would communicate the bespoke and more personal service she offers. The brand needed to appeal to high-end retailers and reflect her clean, clear and minimalistic style.

Before creating any designs, I pulled together an inspiration board. Having previously worked with other photographers, one of the things that struck me about Debra’s photography style was how she described her mission “To present a product in it’s best light”; she focuses on achieving simple and sleek clarity. I kept this in mind as I gathered the visuals for the inspiration board—simple product demonstrations, clean light and a relaxed experience.

Debra Heal Photography Vision board

I included modern product images with some hints of colour but nothing too dominating as that would detract from the clean lighting and perfectly polished shots.

After discussing the board with Debra, we made some amendments and removed any images that didn’t match the vision she had for her brand. We agreed that although the pink tones added some warmth, they weren’t quite right as a major element to attract the type of customer she wanted. Therefore, we kept the pink as an additional highlight that wouldn’t be featured on the main branding kit. After creating initial logo concepts based on these details, Debra selected this logo for her brand:


Debra Heal Photography and Retouching Logo


Sleek and relatively simple. The lettering is friendly and playful. I used an interesting type to keep the focus on Debra’s name and to reflect the more personal experience she brings over large photography studios.

From the inspiration board, I noticed that the clean, photographic lighting let a few golden glints shine off of the products. I liked the depth that this added to the photos and thought it was something I could incorporate into the logo. A single, understated star-like element hints at a high polished shine or the flash of a camera. Where possible, this element should be produced in a metallic gold foil to create some surface interest.

Nowadays, it’s good practice to have logo variations to use for different purposes so, once we had confirmed the full logo, I designed an alternative two-colour badge format and a minimal ‘D’, with the flash, for social media where the full logo would appear too small.

Debra Heal Photography Stickers

Afterwards, I designed icons to break down Debra’s portfolio of work as well as social media icons. These could also double up as highlight images for Debra’s Instagram Stories. I love the simple colour palette as it is professional yet personable, with just a few flashes of gold to lift it.

I’m thrilled with the finish and glad Debra is too!

What do you think of the new brand for Debra Heal Photography & Retouching?