I love the challenge of creating a distinct brand for each client. Figuring out those little details that build a unique visual personality for a brand feels like finding the perfect birthday present for someone!

Shannondeep Kaur needed to put a face to her work as a copywriter. Although writing and editing aren’t necessarily considered a visually creative business, her work may be landing in publishing houses that already work with and appreciate well considered design layouts. I wanted to create a simple and clean brand design that would allow Shannondeep’s organised and enthusiastic nature to shine through without distracting too much from her content.


First of all, I collect images, colours and pieces of text to create an inspiration board. This becomes a valuable resource that I can refer back to when designing key aspects such as a logo, colour palette and other design elements.

As a copywriter and content editor, Shannondeep works primarily with text. As this is viewed in black and white, I included refreshing colour highlights to brighten up an otherwise traditional palette. I brought in influence from printed and digital material such as highlighters, post-it notes and erasers as these tools of the trade offer a burst of colour, contrary to the text they accompany. 

I opted for a professional feel and applied the colour palette of pinks and blues to add finer details into the branding. I chose a coral shade over a true pink to maintain the vibrancy without looking too adolescent. I also used punctuation as a design element to convey the refining of text and as a nod to Shannondeep’s attention to detail. 

Once I finalise the inspiration board, I incorporate the colours and punctuation design elements to create one neat logo. After much consideration, I chose Shannondeep’s name to be in a handwritten style, as though signing or annotating a document, but the addition of copywriter to be in a formal style. Square brackets are used to include additional text or show editorial content so they were an appropriate fit to demonstrate what Shannondeep can do.


A strong brand is visually consistent at every customer touchpoint, even down to the business stationary. Your branding should be present any time you communicate with a customer, whether it is subtle or not, to give a polished, professional experience. 

Sending an email? Set up your email signature. Sending paperwork to a customer? You need a letterhead. Met a potential client? Better give them your business card! In Shannondeep’s case, we focussed on a business card, invoice template and a branded services document as her most important business needs. 

What Shannondeep had to say about the outcome:

“I love the colours used and the font for my name. The font is simple but fancy enough to stand out. I think the colours compliment it to overall give a warm and fun vibe, but still stay professional.

You’ve grasped what I wanted as it looks pretty and you feel happy when you look at it. I think you’ve captured my personality well because I love the vibe I get from it. I’m really happy with it! The shades that you’ve used make it look professional rather than girly and immature which is quite impressive. I like that the punctuation is coloured too because it adds impact through subtle details, a very nice touch!”

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What do you think of the final branding for Shannondeep?