It’s fun to create each brand to be distinct and personal to the client. This is a lot easier when the mission behind the brand is unique and personal in itself.

Linda creates one-of-a-kind handmade garments for women with a great deal of care and precision. These garments are not only for special occasions but also for feeling special every day.

Mrs Elwells Handmade Brand Boards



To create a visual direction, I like to start by collecting images, colours and textures to make a single inspiration board. I refer back to this when designing the logo and other key elements of the brand.

Here’s what I came up with for Linda:

Mrs Elwells Handmade Inspiration Board

Linda’s brand is focussed on the bespoke nature of dressmaking so it needed to be personal, clean and handcrafted. Therefore, I chose images with soft, light movement and hand-crafting tools. The colour palette pulls in soft blues and whites, but the nearly black navy is more formal and respectable, adding some contrast to the brand.

The photos are geared towards the handmade element rather than off-the-shelf fashion made with machines in factories. The array of fabrics and threads demonstrate the freedom that comes with bespoke garments. The buttons are fun and informal like picking your favourite candy in a sweet shop.

Although the brand is aimed towards women, it needed to appeal to a range of tastes because, after all, no two women are the same so why would they want the same clothes? Hence, I included fun illustrations of different necklines and multi-coloured cotton reels to represent variety.


Mrs Elwells Handmade LogoLogo

Although Linda has been making garments for many years, this is her first logo. The hardest part of designing any logo is incorporating different details into a simple design.

Considering the inspiration board, I felt that the key aspects I should include were handcrafted yet professional, fun yet precise and her name to keep it personal. This led me to create a handwritten Mrs Elwell’s that flows smoothly into a miniature bobbin. It’s playful and friendly but still professional as a tool of the trade. I also added HANDMADE in a clean, bold font. In earlier logo drafts, I used Handmade Clothing but, later, found that simply using HANDMADE applies to some of the non-garment accessories that Linda also creates.

From the beginning, I knew the colours would need to be easy to pair with a garment in any shade and pattern so I kept the main colour a classy, dark navy, as smart as black but a little softer, with just a small dash of blue in the bobbin.

Collateral Items

Just like the garments, Linda’s packaging is going to be handcrafted too. This presented a challenge for the logo in terms of practical use so I created a secondary monochrome version that could be hand stamped onto tags and bags. I also created a few illustrations of other dressmaking icons to be used elsewhere.

Mrs Elwells Handmade Clothing

I’m so pleased with how this project turned out and it was fun working on branding for a creative business.

What do you think of the new brand for Mrs Elwell’s?