10 Things You Should Include In An InvoiceThe job is complete and your customer is happy, but before you open a celebratory bottle, you’ll need to send an invoice of all your hard work.

Creating this simple document will make invoicing a piece of cake and you will have a clear record of your income. With just a quick update each time you invoice, you’ll reduce your admin time and be able to focus your attention on better things.

Below are ten things to include on your first invoice template for quick and easy billing.

Brand Class Invoice Template

  1. Your logo
  2. Your contact information
  3. The date of the invoice
  4. The client’s name and contact details
  5. The amount due
  6. The invoice number
  7. Description of goods, services or expenses
  8. Individual costs or fees
  9. The fine print. Payment instructions and ownership of work
  10. Payment due date

Some of these things may have already been covered in a contract or initial quote for a customer but it makes a good reference point for both of you. It’s also useful to establish a habit of sending your invoice within a week or two of completing the job to maintain a regular cash flow and so that happy customers can pay you whilst your work is fresh in their minds.

There is no need for fancy designs and complicated layouts as the most important thing is to make sure the information is clear and easy to follow. Then, you can get back to that bottle!

Are you a freelancer or a small business, have you been using an invoice template?