If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you might remember a simpler time long long ago when all posts were square and there was no such thing as Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, or IGTV!

It might have been simple, but a square wasn’t always the best format to showcase your content.

Does one size fit all? Nope!

Even though it’s been a while since portrait and landscape mode was added many aren’t taking advantage of features such as this to spice up their feed, you should embrace these features and enjoy a lot more freedom…

…BUT! If you’re like me you’ll constantly find yourself asking “What size do I need again?” every time that you create a post!

To make it easier (on you and me!) I’ve created this Instagram image size guide for each layout, including the optimal size and aspect ratio.


Brand Class Instagram Image Size guide 2020Size.

The size of an Instagram post is measured in pixels. The first set of numbers is the width, and the second set is the height. Instagram does make it super easy for us by resizing images that are smaller or bigger than these measurements, so you might be thinking does it even matter? Yes! Instagram supports images between 320 and 1080 pixels, if you don’t use these measurements it could affect the quality of your final image after it’s been enlarged or sized down. It could also result in part of your image being cropped out of the frame, which leads us to aspect ratio.

What is aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height. The number on the left indicates the width in relation to the height, number on the right. The easiest ratio to remember is, of course, the square, which has a width of 1 to the height of 1. Most smartphone cameras allow you to choose the aspect ratio you shoot in, so if you’re taking pictures that you intend to post on Instagram setting the aspect ratio first means everything in shot will make the post without being cropped out of the frame.

Don’t forget the grid!

Before you get too carried away with the freedom of portrait and landscape mode, consider that the preview on your grid is still square. This really depends on your Instagram content, some photographs might still look great with a little cropping, but other graphics and especially text don’t look great with chunks missing.

Bonus Tip

The carousel/multiple image selection feature allows you to use any of the image layouts we’ve covered, with one big BUT, after you select the first image, all of the following images will be cropped to the same layout so this can take some planning.

Which layout do you use most?